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Our facilities

Our storage facilities are of the highest quality, highly regulated and operate to GMP standards.

All storage vessels are monitored using round-the-clock, real-time temperature monitoring systems with experienced scientific officers on standby to handle any unexpected issues

This, coupled with multiple contingency plans and 24/7 security, ensures that all samples are securely stored at all times.

  • All equipment is fully validated, maintained and serviced
  • Backup equipment readily available
  • Real-time 24/7 temperature monitoring system with on-call team
  • On-site 24 hour security
  • Fully access-controlled
  • Multiple storage sites for added security
  • Secure data management systems
  • Dedicated in-house logistics team

Multiple storage
Secure data
management systems
Quality management system controlled processes

BioDock are business as usual. We can help relocate samples or provide contingency planning in this time of uncertainty. Contact us to learn more.