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Clinical Sample

Cell Therapy product

By storing cell products off-site, you are able to recuperate your existing storage capacity without the cost of permanently extending facilities. You will also want to be assured that your chosen biobank is experienced, reputable and capable to match your own standards.

We have stored clinical cell samples since 2002 and understands that no business is the same. We ensure that our services provided match our client’s needs, storing all products as directed. As a result, we offer a choice of liquid or vapour phased liquid nitrogen storage and are on hand to provide consultation on appropriate storage conditions if desired.

We arrange the transport through specialist couriers, ensuring a continuous cold-chain throughout transit. Once the samples are received, our extensive quality management system is implemented and supervised by our in-house Quality Team, ensuring all procedures are documented, equipment is validated and serviced, and that services are operating to the high-quality standard expected by the UK’s leading hospitals

Fertility tissue storage

By holding both a HFEA and HTA licence, we are able to store fertility tissues for a number of scenarios. Namely, storing gametes or embryos intended for fertility treatment, or even when intended future use is not certain at the time of storing. Preserving a patient’s fertility is ideal if they are undergoing cancer treatment, are planning to undergo gender reassignment surgery, looking to join the armed forces or even if they just don’t yet feel ready to have a family. We understand the value of preserving their fertility for the future and are well equipped to meet the highest level of quality.

This also guarantees that we follow the relevant required procedure for distribution, including the witnessing of all sample handling.

Accreditations aside, our resources allow us to offer you the safest possible storage. Our backup equipment is readily available and fully validated. Security of your samples is increased three-fold by storing duplicate samples with an experienced biobank.

Multiple storage
Secure data
management systems
Quality management system controlled processes

BioDock are business as usual. We can help relocate samples or provide contingency planning in this time of uncertainty. Contact us to learn more.