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Biobanking consultancy

As with all our planning services, the first step of our consultancy process is to conduct a site visit to assess the current business and identify any nuances that may need advising on before devising a tailored plan to suit you. Whether an issue is new or previously identified, we are able to construct a solution and guide you to rectifying this in the best way possible, considering key factors such as efficiency, cost and impact on the wider business.

This tried and tested method has enabled us to advise a range of clients, from setting up a biobank to recommending suppliers for established institutions.

By choosing this service you are able to tap into and take advantage of our 17 years of experience, industry relationships and regulator insight to benefit your business in any way that you require.

Multiple storage
Secure data
management systems
Quality management system controlled processes

BioDock are business as usual. We can help relocate samples or provide contingency planning in this time of uncertainty. Contact us to learn more.